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BuB - Specialist office and book-keeping

Büro und Buchhaltung

The project

“Specialist office and book-keeping” was a project that was devoted to women and has been specifically tailored to meet their needs. It belonged to a series of ESF-supported projects implemented in the Kolping Training Centre in Ravensburg for women each of which had very good placement results. Women seeking employment were to be encouraged to succeed finding a re-entry into a stable, secure and qualitative employment.

The concept for BuB was developed on the foundation of a job-market analysis of the region of Ravensburg. It shows that small and medium-sized enterprises are looking for “Allrounders” or “Generalists”, being able to work in almost every field of office work. This flexibility was achieved by the Qualification. It was targeted at women seeking employment, those attempting return to the workplace and single mothers wishing to elevate existing knowledge to the current level in the profession.

The qualification was composed of 590 classroom hours and took place in the form of a part-time package. (Thus it could be attended on the condition of childcare.) The contents of the courses were specific to the discipline and included elements such as basics in business administration, balances and annual accounting, personnel accounting and management of salaries and wages, law and small business start-ups. Intercultural communication was an important field including “English for the Office” and “intercultural competence”. These themes were augmented by classes in general as well as special computer applications, office management, goal and time management, teamwork as well as service and customer orientation. Additionally, job application training along with career planning was offered.

Due to the combination of the different subject matters the participants had the possibility to apply in different sectors of the labour market. The qualification courses ended in July of 2008 with an examination. A placement rate of 55% was reached.


Project execution
Kolping Training Institution Wuerttemberg Registerd Association, Stuttgart, Germany

Contact person
Angela Konrad-Mak, Head of adult education Kolping Training Centre Ravensburg

EU-Funding Programme

ESF Objective 2

Sum of Funding

25,763 €

Period of Funding
14.01.2008 - 18.07.2008

Financially supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Families and Senior Citizens of Baden-Württemberg with funds of the European Social Fund.

ESF Baden Württemberg EU