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Commercial office employee


The Project

“Commercial office employee” was a project that was devoted to women and was specifically tailored to meet their needs. It belonged to a series of ESF-supported projects implemented in the Kolping Training Centre in Ravensburg for women each of which had very good placement results. Women seeking employment were to be encouraged to succeed finding a re-entry into a stable, secure and qualitative employment.

The qualification had two-stages and took place in the form of a part-time package. It composed 245 teaching units in stage 1 and 240 units in stage 2. In the entry level women without vocational education or work experience (ALGII) received basic skills in core competences like e.g. computer applications, communication and training in book-keeping.

After passing successfully the first-stage, stage 2 focused on the enlargement of knowledge in accounting as well as computer applications and included one week practical experience.

In stage 2 women with professional qualifications and work experience could enrol for the course in order to deepen and update their professional competences.

Additionally job application training along with coaching and career planning were important elements of the training concept.


Project execution
Kolping Training Institution Registered Association, Kolping Training Centre Ravensburg, Germany

Contact person
Angela Konrad-Mak, Head of adult education Kolping Training Centre Ravensburg

EU-Funding Programme
ESF Objective 2

Sum of Funding
31,723 €

Period of Funding

13.02.2013 - 26.07.2013

Financially supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Senior Citizens of Baden-Württemberg with funds of the European Social Fund.

ESF Baden Württemberg EU