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German for the job – professional language training for immigrants

Deutsch als Fremsprache

The project

The three training courses were implemented in the Kolping Training Centre Schwaebisch Gmuend. Target group were immigrants, requiring a professional linguistic and technical further training. The training aimed in particular at the reduction of language and placement obstacles as well as the strengthening and extension of the communicative and professional competences. Main goal of the project was to integrate immigrants into the first labour market.

The two components, language training and vocational training  were performed in parallel. Previous experience in integration work showed that the fusion of the modules was beneficial. Elements of the language course were the training of reading comprehension and writing, the improvement of the ability to communicate appropriate at the workplace as well as the provision of general vocational skills. The vocational training module, which comprised theoretical education, internship and visits of potential enterprises, concentrated on the provision of technical knowledge for vocational purposes such as basic mathematical knowledge, word processing, use of internet and e-mail as well as application training and strategies for self guided learning. The contents were adjusted to the needs of the respective participants. During the internship the participants could apply the acquired knowledge in authentic working situations. The internship was embedded in the course, the participants were accompanied by social workers. In order to support the participants during their internship, a weekly teaching day was implemented in the Kolping Training Centre Schwaebisch Gmuend. There, their experiences could be reflected and any issues or problems were discussed.

About  41 % of the participants of course 1 found the re-entry into the first labour market. Almost 14 % of the participants started a practical training and 9 % started with an education or occupational re-training. Almost 44 % of the participants of course 2 and 50 % of the participants of course 3 took up an occupation or started a practical training or occupational re-training.


ESF für Deutschland
Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
Europäische Union

Project execution
Kolping Training Institution Wuerttemberg Registered Association, Stuttgart, Germany

Contact person
Patricia Hagenbach, Head of Kolping Training Centre Ostwuerttemberg

EU-Funding Programme

Sum of Funding

Course 1: 36,487 €
Course 2: 40,021 €
Course 3: 41,990 €

Period of Funding
Course 1: 27.03.2009 - 22.01.2010
Course 2: 22.02.2010 - 31.08.2010
Course 3: 13.09.2010 - 25.03.2010

Financially supported by the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees in the framework of the European Social Fund.