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HuT – Start in trade and in technical professions for girls and young women


The project

Companies suffer a deficit on handcrafters, technical workers and workers in fields related to these. Although young females often possess excellent school qualifications they settle for jobs that are typical for their gender. These are professions in learn-while-you-earn environments in which meager earnings are a characteristic. In light of their capabilities a dichotomy of could and is arises. Women with strengths geared to technical fields often lack the confidence needed to pursue professions in these areas. It was our desire to provide career possibilities to girls and young women seeking apprenticeships in handicraft and technique related fields. Within the framework of our project we offered profession-oriented teaching which is tied to a sub sequential on the job training in businesses in the fields of handicraft, technical and technique-related professions. The participants were given a new spectrum with all of its possibilities and opportunities with regard to the number and quality of choices pertaining to the professions open to them.

Over the course of two months of classes in technical mathematics, German and orientation to the profession as well as job application and social competence, the participants were introduced to trade and technical professions. The acquired capabilities were tested and strengthened within the framework of a four month on the job training program. The girls were, during the entire measure, given social-pedagogical support with all psycho-social questions.


Project execution
Kolping Training Institution Wuerttemberg Registered Association, Stuttgart, Germany

Contact person
Patricia Hagenbach, Head of Kolping Training Centre Ostwuerttemberg

Co-operation partner
Companies in the Region Ostalb

EU-Funding Programme

ESF Objective 3

Sum of Funding
30,138 €

Period of Funding
01.01.2006 - 30.06.2006

Financially supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Families and Senior Citizens of Baden-Württemberg with funds of the European Social Fund.

ESF Baden Württemberg EU