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Juco – Network youth coach


The project

In the autumn of 2003 in the region of Schwaebisch Hall an alarmingly tense market situation in the area of apprenticeship training existed. This situation was perpetuated on the one hand by a large number of young people seeking positions and, on the other hand a diminishing preparedness by companies and institutions to receive new trainees. An additional obstacle was the inability of young searchers to meet basic requirements set by markets. In this manner below par credentials and personal deficits ostracize, even today, young people from the job market.

The goal of the Kolping Training Centre was that of strengthening, through support, the chances of young people during the transition from school to profession. This was the purpose of developing the project “JUCO”. 172 young people profited from this programme and took, at its inception, part in a competence determination phase which took place over a period of two months.

Based on the foundation of enrolment interviews, tests in school disciplines and language as well as personality tests, the level of development reached by each participant can be ascertained and a realistic assessment of their chances in the profession can be made. Subsequently, an individual plan of support was created, together with each of the young participants, which consisted of solid goals and which also defined learn modules fitting to each of the participants. Following the competence-determination phase the youths took part in four months of classes, the content of each was determined by both the learner-module and by the level of development as well and, for that reason, varied. A variety and total of six learner-modules were offered. Learners with poor language skills and drop-outs received teaching which varied from that received by those with solid, proven skills.

This theoretical phase was expanded upon via a brief, apprenticeship training intended to give the young people an impression of day-to-day life in the workplace.

At the conclusion of the theoretical phase, the planning of subsequent measures was made. Those capable of reaching an acceptable level searched for apprenticeship training position independently receiving, thereby, coaching and support if they wished. The others were given the possibility of profiting from a measure, geared to preparing youths for employment, a provision of the government’s Agency of Employment.

In general, the project was very successful. By the end of the month of September 90 received an apprenticeship, eight were assisted in successfully finding jobs. Thirteen enrolled in a supplemental school, 2 began a year of free-will social work. Thirty five switched upon conclusion of the programme to a programme offered by the Agency of Employment.


Project execution
Kolping Training Institution Wuerttemberg Registered Association, Kolping Training Centre Schwaebisch Hall, Germany

Contact person
Axel Schmidt, Head of Site Crailsheim

Cooperating Partners

Enterprises in the region of Schwaebisch Hall

EU-Funding Programme
ESF Objective 3

Sum of Funding
257,000 €

Period of Funding
01.10.2003 - 30.09.2004

Financially supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Families, women and Senior Citizens of Baden-Württemberg with funds of the European Social Fund.

ESF Baden Württemberg EU