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NEFOMA – Network with Focus on Marketing



The project

The Learning Partnership came into being through participation in a Grundtvig contact-seminar in Latvia in the city of Riga. Six institutions from the countries Latvia, Czech Republic, Portugal, England, Austria and Germany all came to the conclusion that the theme of marketing is of growing interest for their organisations. As a result, a common decision was made. The aim was to build a network of educational institutions. The particular focus of the project lies on marketing.

Funding was given to Kolping Training Institution Wuerttemberg, Training Centre Ravensburg as coordinating institution, Witchford Village College in Ely, England and Volkshochschule in Wien-Hietzing, Austria.

Marketing is a relatively new domain for institutions in the area of adult education. In order to reach potential learners various strategies are implemented. These are influenced by factors that are characteristic of the respective nation and of the learning institution itself. Through a comparison of these implemented strategies a suitable approach has been sought in order to reach potential learners. Special attention was directed to persons with little access to education as well as those who are difficult to reach. The motivation of people to further education, the general realization of the necessity, importance and challenge of lifelong learning can be improved through modern education marketing.

NEFOMA was awarded by the German National Agency as “example of good practice”.

Please find here the report of the final international project meeting in Ulm.

EU Lifelong Learning Programme


Project partners
Witchford Village College, Ely, UK
Volkshochschule in Wien-Hietzing, Austria
Kolping Training Institution Wuertttemberg Registered Association, Kolping Training Centre Ravensburg, Germany (Coordinator)

Contact person
Janine Koark, Assistant of EU point projects & more

EU-Funding Programme
Grundtvig – Learning Partnerships

Sum of Funding
First year:      8,355 €
Second year: 8,500 €

Period of Funding
First year:      08/2006 – 08/2007
Second year: 10/2007 – 07/2008

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commision cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.