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The new generation 50+

newgen 50+

The project

The ageing of the population is an important social process in Europe. The citizens live longer, they are healthier and the birth-rate declines. Within the next decades most of the population in Europe will be over 65 years. Furthermore the percentage of working people over 50 years will increase. This demographic development implies changes not only in economical but also in social life in the European countries. It is important to prepare a basis for the successful inclusion of people over 50 in society and to provide them with a wide range of educational opportunities. This can only be achieved when training institutions seek continuously for new concepts and address their offer especially to the wishes, needs and requirements of senior citizens. Hence the main activities of the project “The new generation 50+” concentrated on an exchange of experiences and approaches in the participating countries with regard to the training offer for senior citizens. Based on the exchange we identified best practice examples and potentials for the transfer to the own institution.

We implemented the following activities:

  • implementation of a survey in order to identify needs and wishes of elder citizens concerning further education
  • implementation of a research study concerning existing training offer in each country
  • development of a best practice collection of training offers for senior citizens and identification of gaps between training offer and target group demands
  • development of a checklist for the evaluation of training offers
  • participation in 5 international project meetings in Austria, Italy, Portugal, Finland and Sweden
  • bilateral visits to partner organisations in order to get a profound insight into their work, concepts and training offers

All project results are available for download in the NewGen50+ Yahoo Group at

Have a look at our newletters – they briefly describe our project activities:
Newsletter I
Newsletter II
Newsletter III
Newsletter IV

EU Lifelong Learning Programme


Project partners
E.N.T.E.R - European Network for Transfer and Exploitation of EU Project Results, Graz, Austria (Coordinator)
Schulungszentrum Fohnsdorf, Fohnsdorf, Austria
Etelä-Pohjanmaan Opisto, Ilmajoki, Finland
Europass SNC, Florence, Italy
Lingua Più Associazione Culturale, Città di Castello, Italy
Centro do Formação de Professores do Centro do Instituto Irene Lisboa, Coimbra, Portugal
EB-One, Stockholm, Sweden
Kolping Training Institution Registered Association, Stuttgart, Germany

Contact person
Janine Koark, Assisant of EU point projects & more

EU-Funding Programme

Grundtvig – Learning Partnership

Sum of Funding
18,000 €

Period of Funding
01.08.2009 - 31.07.2011

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commision cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.